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Zurich Launches 5th Yearly Series in HI FM Zuriplan

Zurich India Mutual Fund has launched the 5th yearly series in its fixed maturity plan called in Zurich India High Interest Fund - Fixed Maturity Zuriplan, Yearly Option V. The plan's initial offer is open for subscription from May 22 to May 26, 2002. During the initial issue period units would be offered at Rs. 10.

It is a closed-end fund and the entire corpus will be invested in debt and money market instruments with residual maturity of around 1 year. There is no entry load at the time of subscription, but would attract a 3% exit load if the investor exits before the date of maturity of the plan. The NAV of this scheme will be declared every Friday. The minimum amount to open an account is Rs 10,000.

This Zuriplan is suitable for investors having an investment horizon of a year.