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Loads Revised in Birla Sunlife's Schemes

With effect from April 01, 2002, Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund has revised the load structure in its following schemes.

  Equity Schemes    
  Birla Advantage Fund 1.75% Nil
  Birla IT Fund 1.75% Nil
  Birla MNC Fund 1.75% Nil
  Birla Equity Plan 1.75% Nil
  Birla Balance Nil 1% if redeemed within 180 days
  Debt Schemes  
  Birla Income Plus Nil 0.25% if redeemed within 90 days
  Birla MIP Nil Nil
  Birla Gilt Plus- Liquid Nil Nil
  Birla Gilt Plus- Investment Nil 0.50% if redeemed within 365 days
  Birla Gilt Plus- Long Nil Nil
  Birla Cash Plus Nil Nil
  Birla Bond Plus Nil 0.25% if redeemed within 30 days