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Tata Income, Gilt & Liquid Declare Dividends

Tata Income Fund has declared a dividend of 4.75 per cent (Rs 0.475 per unit) in its half-yearly option, 2.5 per cent (Rs 0.25 per unit) in its quarterly option and 0.8 per cent (0.08 per unit) in its monthly dividend option. The record date for the payment of dividend in all the three plans is March 22, 2002. The fund was launched in April 1997 and has posted an annualised return of 13.72 per cent in its growth option, as on March 18, 2002.

In Tata Government Securities Fund, a dividend of 5 per cent (Rs 0.50 per unit) has been declared in its quarterly dividend plan. The record date for the same is March 22, 2002. This is the highest dividend declared by the fund since its launch in August 1999. It paid its last dividend of 3.7 per cent in December 2001.

Tata Liquid Fund has declared a hefty dividend of 6.5 per cent (Rs 0.65 per unit) in its weekly dividend plan. The record date for payment of dividend is March 25, 2002. Since it is the last opportunity for funds to declared tax-free dividend in the hands of investors, the fund has tried to provide best possible return to investors. And as the fund's NAV is well above Rs 10 (Rs 11.75, as on March 18, 2002), it is well placed to declare heavy dividend and it has done so in style by declaring such a high dividend.