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Chola Freedom Income Re-positioned as Short-term Plan

Chola Freedom Income has been repositioned as Chola Freedom Income - Short Term Plan with effect from March 08, 2002. The fund has also revised its load structure. Now, an exit load of 0.25 per cent will be charged if redeemed within 30 days. Earlier, the fund charges an exit load of 0.5 per cent for redemption made within six months. With this change it will be positioned between a medium-term debt fund and a cash fund.

Chola Liquid Fund-Daily Dividend (Reinvestment) Plan has removed the exit load with effect from March 08, 2002.

Chola Mutual Fund has also announced March 26, 2002 as the record date for the payment of dividend in its following schemes: Chola Triple Ace, Chola Freedom Income, Chola Freedom Technology and Chola Growth Fund.