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What would be my returns from liquid funds?

The liquid scheme category has offered a weekly return of 0.14 per cent, a monthly return of 0.58 per cent and 1.82 per cent returns in three months

I would like to invest ₹2 lakh in a liquid fund for 15 days. Please tell me what would be my returns when I redeem it after 15 days. Please suggest a good liquid fund.
- Rajan CRP

It is not possible to predict the exact returns from a liquid scheme, as the returns are linked to the market. However, you can make a calculated guess by looking at the current returns offered by these schemes. The category has given a return of 8.08 per cent in the last one year. It has offered a simple annualised return of 7.3 per cent over last 7 days and 7.05 per cent over the last 30 days.

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