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Gold's brief glory is gone

Get your copy of the January 2015 issue of Mutual Fund Insight to read about why gold can't be trusted as an investment anymore

Mutual Fund InsightAs an investment, Gold is an illusion. From 2007 to 2009, the illusion grew quite strong, but after that rare bull run, gold has settled back to its usual lacklustre self. The cover story of the January 2016 issue of Mutual Fund Insight is 'The Golden Bull Run is Over'. Find out why you should never trust gold as an investment.

Our mutual fund interview of the month is with Rajeev Thakkar, Chief Investment Officer of PPFAS Mutual Fund. He discusses the investment strategy of the AMC's sole fund, as also how the business managed the sudden demise of its founder-CEO Parag Parikh.

Multi-cap funds are the subject of the Category Watch for the month. Multi-cap funds are a unique package that can serve a wide variety of equity investor needs. Also, in the accompanying Fund Analyst's Choice read an in-depth analysis seven such funds that our analysts have chosen for you.

In our recently introduced 'How I Did It', read yet another great investor story: 69-year old Narender Kumar came to a mutual funds after retirement and yet has found them to be the driver behind a great post-retirement life.

In our regular feature, The Plan, our experts examine an actual investor's portfolio in and suggested an action plan to align it to his life goals. This month, we have a young couple who are admirably focussed on long-range planning. In Buy Sell Hold, our experts answer investment queries from our readers.

In Fund Radar, read about dealing with the government's ever-increasing appetite for creating new obstructions for investors, with our guide to supplementary KYC and FATCA, and the improving situation for JP Morgan's Amtek problem We also have our other regular features like Fund Diary, regular columns from Aarati Krishnan and Vivek Kaul, as well as our comprehensive Scorecard of Mutual Fund data.

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