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Changes in fundamental attributes of Reliance Long Term Equity Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund has changed the fundamental attributes of Reliance Long Term Equity Fund, with effect from January 22, 2015.

Name of the scheme: The name of the scheme has been changed to Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund.

Investment Objective: The primary objective will be to generate long term appreciation & provide long term growth opportunities by investing in equity & equity related securities and derivatives in mid and small cap companies.

Asset Allocation: The asset allocation pattern has been changed to 80-100 per cent in equity investments and 0-20 per cent in debt and money market instruments.

Existing investors, who do not wish to continue with the scheme in view of the proposed change can take an exit from December 22, 2014 to January 21, 2015.

The fund house has also decided to roll over Reliance Fixed Horizon Fund - XXV - Series 8 for 738 days. Now, the scheme will mature on December 29, 2016 against the previous December 22, 2014.