Top 10 Loss Making Stocks

At a time when the markets are touching new peaks each passing month, we looked at stocks that are losing money

Curiosity got hold of the better and we landed up looking for the big money losers in the financial year 2014 in terms of profitability. To arrive at our list, we adjusted the net profits for any exceptional or extraordinary non operating income or losses and sorted to list out the top 10 companies which incurred biggest losses (See graphic).

These 10 companies' losses aggregates to almost a whopping ₹21,000 crore! This sum is equivalent to the profits of 212 companies (in order of least to highest order of profits) in the BSE500, which indicates the quantum of the loss. One name that is missing from the list is of Kingfisher Airlines which has not declared its earnings since Dec 2013 quarter. Expectedly, Airlines, Infrastructure and public sector banks dominate the list, summarising the state of these sectors in FY14.

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