Go for Super Top Up Policies | Value Research A Super Top Up policy is preferable over a Top Up policy. Find out why & check out some suggested policies

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Go for Super Top Up Policies

A Super Top Up policy is preferable over a Top Up policy. Find out why & check out some suggested policies

I want to buy a Top Up or Super Top Up Health Insurance for the following family members individually -
Father - 72 yrs
Mother - 63 yrs
Brother in Law - 42 yrs
Sister - 39 yrs
Niece - 9 yrs
Husband - 38 yrs
Myself - 35 yrs
Father in Law - 71 yrs
Mother in Law - 62 yrs
I have already considered L&T, Apollo Munich and United India. Please clarify that the Cashless facility in available in the Network Hospital and also is there any hidden co pay clause in these policies.
Please explain the meaning of indemnity in terms of payment clause mentioned in the Apollo Munich Optima Restore Policy Wording. Kindly provide the best possible solution.

- Manisha Kathane

Super Top Up Policies are far better than Top Up plans. The difference between the two is that under Top Up Plans, deductible limit applies afresh to each claim whereas, under Super Top Up plans the deductible applies to total admissible medical expense incurred during the year. For more details follow the link: A Top-Up for Your Medical Needs

All Top Up and Super Top Up plans allow cashless treatment in their network hospitals. United India Super Top Up policy and Apollo Munich Optima Super are recommended policies. Your family members who are over 45 years of age have to go through medical check ups before purchasing this policy. This will help the insurer evaluate if the proposer is an insurable risk or not which implies that insurer may also refuse to insure proposer if he finds his life a big risk. Your niece who is 9 years old will be covered if one of her parents are covered under the same policy. You cannot purchase an individual policy for her.

Apollo Munich is not a top up policy. It is a basic health insurance policy with specialty of automatic restoration of sum assured during a year, if one of the insured members uses it completely. It is a good policy but does not match your requirement.

Deductible is the hurdle amount which has to be borne by the policyholder. Any amount above deductible upto the sum assured will be borne by top up policies. Deductible is clearly mentioned and you will be selecting deductible on your own. Ideally, deductible should be equal to your basic insurance policy sum assured or an amount which would be easy on your pocket. Before buying, go through the policy document and policy brochure carefully. Read exclusions and waiting period to avoid any confusion later.

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