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Filing Income Tax Returns

It is not mandatory for a non-working person to file income tax returns, but the same can be done for continuity

Before our son was born, my wife was a working professional. She has her own savings and investments. Now, she has quit her job and does not have income from salary. However, she does have some income from capital gains (shares and mutual funds). This amount is not high (around ₹5000). I would still like to file her income tax return for continuity. My question is - Can she file her IT return using ITR-2 or should I combine her income with mine while filing my IT returns?
- Manish Agrawal

Though it is not mandatory, but your wife may file her tax returns. Use ITR-2 to file your wife's return. As long it is income earned and invested by your wife, on which she has earned capital gains, this would be correct. But if the husband's money is invested in the wife's name, that would be subject to clubbing.

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