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Promising Pricey Midcap Stocks

Midcap stocks have been zooming up faster than large-caps. The August 2014 issue of Wealth Insight tells you if this will continue or not

'Promising Pricey Midcaps' is the cover theme of the latest, August 2014 issue of Wealth Insight, which is now on sale. The title tells you the contradiction in midcap investing that is confusing investors nowadays. While midcaps stocks have been zooming up much faster than large-caps for many months now. Will this midcap bonanza continue, or is it over? As always with midcaps, the answer is that it depends on the stocks. Our cover feature analyses 20 of the most pricey--and yet exciting--midcaps and tells you what to do about them.

But that's not all in terms of investment ideas this month. In Stock Analyst's Choice, we have three very different companies that have run great businesses and can't be ignored by any investor. We have also have 'Side By Side', a comparison of two companies in the same business.

We also have a host of other features for this issue:

  • Exclusive columns from Dhirendra Kumar, Saurabh Mukherjea, Vivek Kaul, Devangshu Datta, Sanjeev Pandiya and Anand Tandon.
  • Regular features like Market Compass, Analyst Diary and Stock Ideas.

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