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Effect of Funds getting Merged

JM Small & Mid-cap fund was merged with JM Multi Strategy fund in 2011. Find out how your units got allotted

I had invested ₹20,000 on Feb 22, 2008 in JM Small & Mid-Cap. However, I have recently come to know that from April 1, 2011 this scheme has been merged with the JM Multi Strategy Fund. Could you please let me know what happens to my investment in the JM Small & Mid-Cap? Has it got merged with the Multi Strategy fund? If so how many units and at what rate was it merged?
-Tony Thadikaren

You are right, JM Small & Mid-cap was merged with JM Multi Strategy on April 1, 2011 at an NAV of 4.87. The announcement to this effect was made in March 2011. As a unit holder you had the option to continue or exit. If you had exited, at the time of the merger announcement, that is before April 1, 2011; you could have done so without paying any exit load if applicable.

You could have also continued without doing anything. In such a case, the value of your holdings as on April 1, 2011 would have been converted into units of JM Multi Strategy and you would have been allotted units as applicable at the NAV of the merged scheme as on April 1, 2011. In case you have more such schemes, you can use the merged fund tool on our website to know which scheme your investments have merged into. Based on the data you have shared, the value of 1410.09 units that you were holding in JM Small & Mid Cap as on April 1, 2011 was 4,106.77. On merger with JM Multi Strategy fund, you would own 495.8 units in the new scheme, which as on March 26 is worth 7,084.54.

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