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Being investor-centric

The industry manifests huge opportunity for growth and penetration, and this can be achieved over time using technology, says Nimesh Shah of ICICI Mutual Fund

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is clear to be an investor and investment centric company with a product suite to cater to every possible need of investors. Shah, the MD and CEO, prides on the consistent performance demonstrated by the AMC's funds and stresses that they are committed to managing investors' money with responsibility.

On the investor education front, the fund house has launched its 'Invest Correctly' initiative with the intent of empowering investors to make informed and knowledge-based decisions beyond the top-15 cities with the plan to demystify mutual fund investing to investors in a manner that they understand. The belief that long term focus is the essence of the asset management business makes Shah focus on sustained investment in brand, products, people, distribution, technology and investor awareness. The key lies in strengthening distribution networks and enhancing investor education levels to increase presence in rural areas.

Total assets: Rs 85,330 crore, Net profit: Rs 110.20 crore