India's finest funds for a hit portfolio | Value Research Here is the analysis and list of 56 best funds to meet every need that an investor may have

India's finest funds for a hit portfolio

Here is the analysis and list of 56 best funds to meet every need that an investor may have

There are more than 2000 funds in India and no matter how much knowledge we publish about them, it'll be a big job for you to create a portfolio. Absorbing and understanding even a fair proportion of these funds would likely suck up so much of your time that the basic premise of mutual funds -- time and convenience -- would be rendered useless.

The following pages will solve this problem for you. They are a handpicked list of funds from which you can create a portfolio for any kind of use. Whether you are a young salary earner who is just starting out in life, or a well-settled businessman with a comfortable income, or even a corporate CFO who needs to park some tens of crores of rupees for a couple of days, the funds in Analysts' Choice will do the job for you.

You could do the same thing with our star rating system, but this list also has a qualitative, subjective input that our analysts have added. In contrast, all other measures that we publish are completely numbers-driven.

It's easy to use this list because we can map our categories to the real-life needs that investors have. Any investors has one of three types of requirements from his or her needs.

All investment goals can be broken into these basic requirements, which are the bricks out of which your portfolio's building is constructed:
1. Accumulate money over a long term
2. Earn an income
3. Park money temporarily

Let's map these requirements on to the categories with which our analysts work.

Accumulate: This is a job for equity funds, with the only variable being how conservative you'd like to be. At the safest end of the equity spectrum, there are the large cap funds. Then come Large & Mid cap funds and then the most aggressive of them, multi-caps and the mid and small cap funds.

Earn an Income: For individuals, an income is best generated out of MIP funds or fixed maturity funds. However, we haven't included FMPs here because they are closed-end and you can only invest in them in the beginning. As far as MIPs go, you should also take a look at the Post Office MIP option which has excellent returns.

Park Money: This is a job for liquid funds and ultra-short term funds. These fund types are tightly regulated with this kind of a goal in mind and their safety and predictability level is very high. The Fund Analysts' Choice selection will be updated continuously, with funds in following categories:
Balanced funds
Large cap funds
Large & mid cap funds
Multi cap funds
Tax planning funds
International funds
Mid & Small cap funds
Hybrid funds
Income funds
Short term funds
Ultra short term funds
Liquid funds

This story first appeared in the Anniversary issue of Mutual Fund Insight

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