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Policy to cover death abroad

Term policies cover death in a foreign country if you inform the insurer about your travel plans

I am 33 and want to buy online term cover. Aviva representative told me that i-Life plan does not cover death in a foreign country. If I travel frequently, should I consider the offline plan? Many online plans do not require a medical check-up. If I buy insurance without a check-up, will there be a problem at the time of claim?

Online term policies offer protection only to Indian citizens. Aviva i-Life, HDFC Click2Protect and many other online policies cover death abroad provided you inform the insurer, in writing, about your travel plans or how frequently you travel abroad.

Most insurers do not ask for medical check ups at young age, which makes it important for applicant to disclose his health and lifestyle related details at the time of purchase. Provide accurate disclosures at the time of purchase to avoid any conflicts.

Select a sum assured that can pay off any liabilities, and provide the same standard of living to your family in your absence.

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