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Your Guide to Buying Insurance

Learn how to buy life insurance in this new section on our website

That life insurance is a paramount need is given. But do you know how to buy it? A new section on our website helps you do just that

Step 1: Filling the void
If buying the right kind of insurance in adequate amounts is so important, why doesn't anyone guide the layman towards doing that? This has been a void that Value Research has gone ahead and filled up. Allow us to introduce you to the Insurance Section on www.valueresearchonline.com

Step 2: What do you get?
* Simple, jargon-free and understandable articles
* Standardised, comparable coverage for all term and health policies. An evolved system of classifying these products so as to make it easier to choose
* Limited coverage for Ulips, endowment plans and other and the like to help you get out of them with the least damage
* l In the near future, start providing rating of all policies that we cover

Step 3: The need for it
The basic purpose of this insurance section is to educate people about treating insurance as an expense that has to be fulfilled before any investment is made. The only kind of insurance you need is term insurance and health insurance. One shouldn't even be considering any other kind of investment-linked product. This is what the insurance section will tell you, and why.