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Mutual fund investments in companies have changed dramatically over the past five years, with several companies losing the favourite tag

A lot has happened over the past five years. Here are some companies that no more are mutual fund favourites

We analysed the equity investment portfolio of MF industry and churned out different data to arrive at statistics that shows MF industry investment in companies. The top holding companies and changes over the years represent an interesting angle of dynamic perception of the mutual funds investment. The motive is not to follow the mutual funds holdings but to originate and generate investment idea from it and give thought about the changing scenario. Few observations:

* Three banks, HDFC, ICICI and SBI, are among the top-5 companies which also represent 12 per cent in the MF Industry portfolio

* Top-10 companies represent one third of the mutual fund portfolio

* Only one PSU in the top-10 companies whereas there were three, five years back

* Both RIL and Rcom are among the top-3 companies where mutual funds have reduced exposure