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Quantum offers one plan under all schemes

Schemes offered by Quantum Mutual Fund do not have a separate direct plan because the fund house deals directly with investors

I want to start an SIP in Quantum Long Term Equity Fund, but couldn't find its direct plan. Why doesn't Quantum Long Term Equity Fund have a direct plan?
-Mandar Kulkarni

Direct plans intend to save on distribution cost of AMCs and pass the benefit of lower cost to customers. However, Quantum is the first and only fund house which has never used distributor's services to sell funds and it deals directly with investors. Effectively, all its schemes are direct plans with an expense ratio lower than peers and no distribution costs.

Quantum doesn't have a direct plan because the fund house has always sold its schemes directly to the investors. Quantum Long Term Equity fund's expense ratio is 1.25 per cent, which is lowest among the direct plans of large and mid cap funds.

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