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Choice of debt funds

Fixed income fund was supposed to be the simple choice for risk-averse investor, however, the task has become almost impossible with the large number of debt schemes available

This story follows our ) earlier reporton debt schemes and explores the variety of debt schemes offered by IDFC.

IDFC Mutual Fund
Income Funds
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund manages assets worth Rs 4,894 crore and varies the maturity depending on fund manager's view
IDFC SSI Medium-term Fund manages Rs 2,798 crore and it's an actively managed fund with maturity capped at 4 years
IDFC SSI Inv Fund manages assets worth Rs 1,752 crore. It's an actively managed long-term bond fund
IDFC Banking Debt Fund manages Rs 835 crore and invests in bank certificate of deposits maturing in March
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund manages Rs 4 crore. It's a fund of fund that invests in debt funds of IDFC AMC

Liquid Fund
IDFC Cash manages assets worth Rs 2,526 crore and it's the only liquid fund from IDFC

Short Term Fund
IDFC SSI Short-term Fund manages Rs 3,440 crore and the average portfolio maturity usually does not exceed 2 years

Ultra Short Term Funds IDFC Money Manager Investment Fund manages assets worth Rs 1,659 crore and invests in only bank certificate of deposit
IDFC Money Manager Treasury Fund manages Rs 1,018 crore and invests in highly-rated money market instruments
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund manages Rs 1,744 crore. It is similar to Money Manager Treasury fund with lower expense of 0.24 per cent

Medium Long Term Gilt Funds
IDFC GSF Investment manages assets worth Rs 206 crore. It is a long-term gilt fund which invests in G-secs of longer maturity
IDFC GSF PF Fund manages Rs 47 crore and it's a PF approved option of the GSF Investment fund

Short Term Gilt Fund
IDFC GSF Short-term Fund manages assets worth Rs 29 crore. The residual maturity of it's gilt investments rarely go below 10 yrs

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