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I am 27-years old. I invested in Canara Robeco Infrastructure, Reliance Growth and Franklin India Prima Plus, four years back. I am not satisfied with returns of these funds. What should I do?

Here’s our view of the three funds you hold:
Canara Robeco Infrastructure Fund is a thematic fund and it should not be apart of a long term portfolio. Also, infrastructure funds have done poorly and have bleak prospects.

Franklin India Prima Plus is a 4-star rated large- and mid-cap fund for its above average return grade, below average risk grade. It could be a worthwhile long-term investment.

Reliance Growth is a 2-star rated mid-cap fund for its below average return grade and above average risk grade. The fund slipped in star-rating in mid 2011. Prior to this it was a 4 and 5-star rated fund.

You can continue investing in Franklin India Prima Plus and divert investments from the other two in better performing funds.

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