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Long-term Fund Investments

For long-term investments of around 20 years, add a mid- & small-cap fund to your portfolio...

I am 29 and have been investing in mutual funds through SIPs of Rs 3,000 in ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity and UTI Opportunities. I also have SIPs for Rs 2,000 in IDFC Premier Equity fund. I would like to invest additional Rs 2,000 in any fund and stay invested in mutual funds for the next 20 years. Please suggest one more fund so that my portfolio would be diversified.
— Ashwin

You are investing in good funds. The combined allocation to equity through the three funds you are investing in works to 93 per cent, and is well-diversified across 92 stocks.

Given your age and investment time frame you should consider adding mid- and small-cap funds and multi-cap funds to your portfolio. Our selection of funds from these categories will include Templeton India Equity Income and Reliance Regular Savings Equity from the multi-cap category. You can also consider investing in SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses or ICICI Prudential Discovery from the mid- and small-cap category. Make sure to invest regularly and also track the performance of the funds that you invest in and make changes to the selected fund if necessary.

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