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Renamed funds

Renamed funds may not feature anywhere with their old names...

I had investments in the following MFs. Now the schemes do not appear in funds list. Can you advise what are the new or merged schemes of the same ?
a) Kotak 30 G
b) Standard Chartered Small & Medium Fund
c) Standard Chartered Enterprise Equity Fund

All three funds have been renamed and none of them has merged with any fund. Kotak 30 is now Kotak 50. The fund was renamed after its mandate was broadened in January 2011. As evident form the name the fund could earlier invest in only 39 companies now it can invest in 59 companies.

Standard Chartered AMC was taken over by IDFC AMC in May 2008. After that all its funds were renamed accordingly. Standard Chartered Small & Medium became IDFC Small & Medium fund and Standard Chartered Enterprise Equity became IDFC Enterprise Equity. Both the funds were again renamed to IDFC Sterling Equity and IDFC Equity respectively.

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