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Quantum Long Term Equity has a low expense ratio, which translates into superior returns...

I had invested in Sundaram Tax Saver when it was a 5-star fund. The fund's rating has now fallen. My lock-in period in this fund has expired, should I stay invested or redeem? Please also tell me about Quantum Long Term Equity. Is it worth investing in?
- Rajkumar

Sundaram Tax Saver remains a good fund, despite the fall in its rating. We expect this fund to do well in the current bull run that we're seeing in the markets.

Quantum Long Term Equity is an exceptional fund. Since this fund is sold only directly through the AMC, it has a very low expense ratio, which translates into higher returns. The fund has navigated the volatility we've seen in the past 5-6 years very well. It can be a good core holding of any investor's portfolio.

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