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How our Picks Fare

We run stock screens based on various criteria before recommending them for investment...

Wealth Insight is a magazine for thinking investors. It is not for those seeking stock tips or recommendations. It is for those investors who look for reason behind the method, which is demonstrated and articulated. A lot of rigour goes into picking this list. We run stock screen based on different investment criteria with different investors in mind. This filtered universe is further analysed and explored to bring it down to 2-3 stocks that according to us make the cut to be part of the Stock Insight section. The stocks are analysed threadbare with their financials, strengths, opportunities and threats.

In 2012, 28 stocks made the cut into the section. These were stocks across market capitalisation and sectors. As we believe in the stocks that we recommend we decided to maintain a record. If one would have invested Rs 10,000 in each of the stocks we suggested at the time of the recommendation; a total of Rs 2,80,000 invested would be worth Rs 3,22,329 now. A gain of Rs 42,329. Remember, not all the stocks have completed one year of recommendation. Also, not all the companies we suggested turned profitable, which is part of the learning process. What we are immensely proud of, though, is the 75 per cent strike rate that we achieved and that some of the stocks that lost out also featured on our radar of exits.