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Scaling New Heights

Taurus Mutual Fund has expanded its portfolio & done reasonably well under a new team since 2008…

This is one of the early era asset management companies which was launched in 1994 with Taurus Starshare, one of its earliest equity funds. This scheme had some years when it did exceedingly well and on many occasions faltered on performance. In 1999, HB Mutual Fund and Taurus Mutual Fund were merged with the AMC renamed Creditcapital Asset Management. The AMC was yet again renamed in 2006 to Taurus Asset Management. In 2002, the AMC also took over the schemes of BOI Mutual Fund. In 2008, this fund house underwent a change in management, which was the genesis of a renewed focus in the manner in which it conducted its business.

The new team was instrumental in expanding the portfolio of its offerings to include liquid funds, ultra short-term funds and a mid- and small-cap fund to enhance its portfolio. This has helped in the fund house offering a wide choice to investors. The fund management team has also been able to stabilise fund performance which is far stable now compared to its earlier orientation. Equity funds such as Taurus Tax shield and Taurus infrastructure have been occasionally doing well to emerge as best performers in the category. However, for the AMC to stand out with its offerings, it needs to concentrate on focusing on the equity fund performance, which would draw investor interest and confidence.