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Good Mid-Cap Funds

Here are a few good mid-cap funds. Select the one that is best suited to your investment needs…

I am looking to start an SIP in a mid-cap fund. I have narrowed down my choice to Birla Sun Life MNC, HDFC Midcap Opportunities, SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses, IDFC Premier Equity and Sundaram Select Midcap. Which one should I select?

All of the funds that you’ve listed are good mid-cap funds, but they're vastly different from one another. Birla Sun Life MNC and IDFC Premier Equity are the most conservative and diversified among the funds selected by you. You can invest in one of them if you're looking for consistent performance. On the other hand, SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses is risky, but rewarding. This is the fund to go for if you want blockbuster returns. The other funds are middle-of-the-road performers, which would be best suited if you seek decent mid-cap exposure.

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