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Good Mid- & Small-Cap Funds

Here are some good mid- & small-cap funds to invest in. Review them at least annually…

I am 35 years old. I have been investing in various funds via SIPs, but I have decided to discontinue all of them except for the Rs 2,000 SIP in HDFC Top 200. Please suggest some small- and mid-cap funds for a horizon of 10 years.

There are numerous options to choose from in the small- and mid-cap category. But since this is a volatile category of funds, you should remember to review your funds at least annually. You can't afford to sleep over any market-related investment for a long period of 10 years.
Some funds that you can pick from are IDFC Premier Equity, DSP BlackRock Small and Mid-cap, Franklin India High Growth Companies and HDFC Midcap Opportunities.

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