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Complementary Funds

Holding UTI Dividend Yield & UTI Opportunities together would give you a broader portfolio…

I have made a onetime investment in the UTI Dividend Yield fund. Since the market seems to be turning bullish, should I switch the investment to UTI Opportunities?

You're right in thinking that UTI Opportunities will be better equipped than UTI Dividend Yield to capitalize on a rising market. Switching investments could turn out to be a good tactical call. But at the same time, you can hold UTI Dividend Yield and add UTI Opportunities to your portfolio as well. Both funds would complement each other nicely.

UTI Dividend Yield does well in a struggling market, and has proved its mettle over the past 3-4 years. And since the markets turn around when you least expect it, holding both funds would give you a better-performing broader portfolio.

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