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Grow with Diversification

For a long-term period of around 10 years, the growth option of equity funds can help in building wealth…

I have been investing Rs 2,000 each in IDFC Premier Equity and Franklin India Blue Chip. I have also been investing Rs 1,000 each in BSL Frontline Equity and Reliance Equity Opportunities. I have chosen growth option for all the funds. My investment horizon is at least 10 years. Please advise me if my portfolio has the right mix.
- Abhishek Sapra

Your portfolio of four funds is made of highly-rated funds with a large-cap growth orientation. The equity allocation of the portfolio is 87 per cent with investments in 192 stocks, which provides for good diversification. The top 3 sectors - Financial, Technology and Energy account for 42 per cent allocation, with the top 5 stocks accounting for 23 per cent exposure, constituting ICICI Bank, SBI, Infosys, Bharti Airtel and HDFC Bank. Over a 10-year period, the growth option is welcome and will do good to build wealth. You have a well-diversified portfolio and should continue to invest in these funds with an annual review to ascertain the progress made by these investments towards your financial goals.

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