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ICICI Prudential Top 200, which was erstwhile ICICI Prudential Power, is doing reasonably well…

I have been investing in ICICI Prudential Power and Reliance Diversified Power Sector funds for the past 5 years. Both funds are underperforming. Should I get out of these funds?
- Kumar Prashant

While the Reliance fund is a dedicated power sector fund, the ICICI Prudential fund has nothing to with power. It's a diversified equity fund, which just had the word 'Power' in its name. The fund is now called ICICI Prudential Top 200. It is doing reasonably okay and you can stay invested in it. However, you should stop investing in Reliance Diversified Power Sector fund, because the power sector has been in stress for quite a while and its best days are behind it. Square up your losses and exit the fund.

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