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Way to Begin

New mutual fund investors should begin investing via SIPs in balanced funds. Find out more…

I want to invest in mutual funds. Please suggest some good equity and gold funds for a beginner like me..
- Shailesh Sharma

We have suggested some funds from three different categories. But do bear in mind that it has been put forth with no knowledge of details from your end. You have not provided us with information concerning your other investments, your desired asset allocation, your age, your goals and the amount you would like to invest. We would suggest a balanced fund which invests in equity and debt. As for gold funds, you can invest in gold exchange traded funds (Gold ETFs), which is the closest substitute to buying physical gold. This would require a demat account. If you do not have one then opt for a gold fund which invests in a Gold ETF.
In all the funds, invest via a systematic investment plan (SIP).

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