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Discontinue SIPs in DSPBR Technology fund, but hold your units if you don’t need the money…

I invested in DSPBR Technology fund in 2010 through SIPs. But the fund has not been faring well since then. Should I continue or sell? If I do sell, it will be at a loss. Should I sell and invest elsewhere? Please advice.
-Koel Das

DSPBR Technology aims to invest in technology and technology-dependent companies (hardware, peripherals and components, software, telecom, telecommunications, media and entertainment, internet and e-commerce and other technology-enabled companies). DSPBR Technology is a sector fund and investment in such funds should be done only to fill a gap in an existing equity portfolio or to emphasise a sector in your portfolio you are very optimistic about. What made you invest in this fund? Does the reasoning still hold?

If you are doing an SIP, discontinue. Select an equity-diversified fund to continue your SIP. There is no need to sell the units of this fund unless you need the money. But if you feel that the money can be better put to use in another investment then go ahead.

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