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Redeem your investments in Tata Indo-Global Infrastructure fund. Invest the proceeds in a diversified fund…

I invested Rs 10,000 in TATA Indo-Global Infrastructure Fund in 2007. The fund has fared poorly since inception and I wish to know if it is a good decision to redeem my investments in this fund? Where can I invest the redeemed sum? -Mamta Devi

The Tata Indo-Global Infrastructure Fund invests in equity of companies engaged in infrastructure and infrastructure related sectors. The universe is not restricted to only Indian companies but even global. However, this fund predominantly invests in companies based in India.

Investing in thematic and sector funds is risky. The infrastructure theme has not played out as anticipated which has resulted in the poor performance of this fund. Cut your losses. Exit. Invest in a regular equity diversified fund. Go onto our website and see our equity categories and take a call based on your overall portfolio.

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