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Investing for 2 Years

Equities are undesirable for an investment horizon of 2 years. Here are other options you can opt for…

I want to invest Rs 30,000 a month to raise an amount of Rs 15 lakh in the next two years to buy a new house. Which funds should I invest in to achieve my target?
-Mohan Chand

For an investment period of 2 years, any market-linked investment is undesirable. You should keep away from anything that has to do with equities, or even balanced funds that are heavily into equities. For a 2 year timeframe, a 2-year bank recurring deposit could be a decent option. A bank recurring deposit initiated today will earn good returns. That apart, if you're willing to take some chances, you can go for the growth option of an MIP. An MIP has at the most 15 per cent invested in equities, which makes it the lowest risk strategy possible with your investments being linked to the markets.

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