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Mutual Fund Insight's July issue: Multi-cap vs flexi-cap funds

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Mutual Fund Insight’s July issue: Multi-cap vs flexi-cap funds

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Despite SEBI mandating them to invest at least 25 per cent of the money across large-, mid- and small-cap companies, multi-cap funds have managed to turn this limitation into an opportunity, outperforming their immediate rival, flexi-cap funds, by a sizable margin.

In this month's cover story, we delve into the reasons why multi-cap funds trump their flexi-cap counterparts. We also tell you whether you should include them in your portfolio or not.

Other highlights from the issue:

  • Duds to studs
    After being at the bottom of the performance ladder, these five funds made a stunning recovery, all thanks to the entry of three men. Grab the latest issue to find out how they revived the fortunes of these five funds.
  • NPS, PPF or EPF: Who wins?
    NPS, PPF and EPF are among the most popular retirement planning options in India. On the NPS's 15th anniversary, we put all three under the radar and check which one works the best for you.
  • Looking to invest for the short term? Here are the four best short-duration funds
    Head to the Fund Analyst's Choice section to find a list of the four short-duration funds handpicked by our analysts, that you can consider adding to your portfolio.
  • Exclusive conversation with Atul Bhole of Kotak Mutual Fund
    A veteran fund manager, Atul Bhole is known for his quality and growth-oriented investing strategy. In this issue, he provides insights into his stock-picking philosophy and if investors should expect major shifts in the investing strategy of his funds.
  • Is LTCG tax stopping you from earning more?
    Although 'direct' plans of mutual funds are better than 'regular' plans, investors often hesitate to shift from the latter to the former. The reason? Long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax. We check if this hesitation has any substance.
  • Is silver the new gold rush?
    The razzmatazz of silver funds has never been brighter. Is this the time to invest?

As always, we include Mutual Fund and ETF/Index Fund scoreboards to help you make smarter investment decisions.

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