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Rejig your Portfolio

Don’t invest in too many funds. Discontinue the ones that have a short history…

I invest R 10,000/month but want to rejig my portfolio. Also, I want to invest an additional Rs 2,500/month. Can I add HDFC Balanced, HDFC Prudence or BSL Dynamic Bond Fund? Please advise.

You have too many funds in your portfolio. The two funds that we suggested that you discontinue do not have a history of more than three years and neither are they outstanding performers. You do not need a balanced fund, opt for a debt one.

Scheme Name  Category  Current SIP (Rs)  Suggested SIP (Rs)
DSPBR Top 100 Equity Reg Eq:Large Cap 1,000 2,000
Franklin India Bluechip Eq:Large Cap 2,000 2,000
Fidelity Equity Eq:Large & Mid Cap 1,000 2,000
IDFC Premier Equity Eq:Mid & Small Cap 1,000 2,000
Templeton India Pension Plan Hy: Debt-oriented Aggr 2,000 2,000
Axis Equity Eq: Large & Mid Cap 2,000 Discontinue
DSPBR Focus 25 Eq: Multi Cap 1,000 Discontinue
Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Ret Debt: Income Nil 2,500

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