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Evaluating Pension Plans

A pension plan should be evaluated on the basis of 2-3 criterions before you decide to buy one…

On 5th March 2010, I had taken an HDFC Pension Plan. It was an Rs 30,000 scheme and I had put in Rs 15,000 in it at that time. I have been receiving calls from the bank to continue the plan by paying another Rs 45,000. Should I go ahead with this?

There are 2-3 criterions on which a pension plan should be evaluated – the time period for which you will have to invest, is it linked to the equity markets, is there a guaranteed component, or is there an insurance component. You would have received the policy document of this pension plan, please read it carefully. On the whole, pension plans of insurance companies are not costly. However, it is hard for us to advice further without knowing more about the plan.

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