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Ulips Are Not Ideal

Ulips are hybrid products & not the ideal vehicle if your primary objective is investing in equities…

I have invested Rs 1 lakh over the past five years in a Ulip, but the fund value is only Rs 82,000. Should I continue with the policy?
- Gautam Raj

Ulips are hybrid products that combine insurance and investments and if investment was your objective, this is not the best product. The disparity between the sum you paid as premium and the fund value is because of the various charges associated with Ulips. If you have completed five years and the policy is not meeting you investment objective; you should consider exiting this Ulip and instead invest in a broad diversified equity fund. However; make sure you are adequately insured, if not take a term insurance policy which is a low-cost high value insurance cover that best suits the insurance needs of individuals.

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