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Investing for Appreciation

Our Stock Ideas section helps you become a better investor by giving sharing ways to profit from the markets…

I want to buy attractively valued shares and I want to invest for the long term, where I can get some appreciation after a period of time. Please suggest which shares I should buy?
- Sudhir.D. Awasthi

Investment is something that requires a lot of research and study, something that is as much about protecting the initial capital invested as about earning profits. In the short run stocks are unpredictable. But in the long run a stock’s price tends to reflect the real value of its business, which is determined by its fundamentals — the growth in its revenue and bottomline, margins, level of debt compared to assets, and the ratio of assets to liabilities. The lower the price at which you buy the stock of a good company — one that is financially stable and historically profitable —the greater your profits will eventually be.

Our Stock Ideas section endeavours to help you become a better investor. In each Stock Idea we use a specific set of filters to arrive at a list of stocks that can serve a particular purpose within your portfolio. For instance, the category of Growth at reasonable price offers stocks with high growth prospects that are available at reasonable valuations. Attractive bluechips offers you high-quality, well-researched and fundamentally sound stocks. Dividend stocks generates stocks with high dividend yields and sound fundamentals. Discount to book value gives stocks that are undervalued. Finally, remember that we do not offer stock tips but share ways of profiting from investing in the stock markets.

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