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Magnum Equity is a 4-star fund that has consistently outperformed its benchmark. Continue investing in it…

I have started monthly SIP for Rs 2,000 for the next three years since September 2011 in Magnum Equity Fund-Growth. How much will I get return after 5 years?
- Omajit Takhelmayum

Magnum Equity is a 4-star rated large- and mid-cap fund which has earned 24.68 per cent in the past three years and 9.49 per cent in the past five years. The fund has consistently fared better than its benchmark and has been amongst the better performing fund in the category. You can continue investing in this fund regularly and track its performance; however, like every other equity diversified fund, the performance of this fund is also linked to the overall stock market performance and one cannot arrive at a specific return that it will earn in the next five years.

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