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Chasing Returns

Chasing high returns in a time frame of a short period involves high amounts of risks

I am looking to invest for a period of 1 - 1.5 years and expect a return of 20-25 per cent. My risk appetite is medium; can you suggest debt and equity options for me to earn the returns expected?
-Ketaki Sood

There are many risks that mutual fund investments are subject to, such as market risks, interest rate risks and inflation risks. The return that you are expecting is not guaranteed and to chase such returns in the time frame that you have in mind will involve high risk. If assured return is what you seek; consider keeping your investment in banks which are offering good returns at no risk which varies from 9-11 per cent depending on the bank you choose. Moreover, these guarantee you interest as well as capital unlike mutual funds that do not guarantee you returns or capital protection.

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