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For The Long Haul

With a long timeframe for your fund investments, you get the benefit of compounding interests

I want to invest Rs 5,000 in mutual funds through SIPs to achieve decent returns after 15 years. Please suggest some good funds to invest in.
- Jeetandar Ojha

Fifteen years is a long time for you to gain from the power of compounding, systematic investments and market cycles. However, to achieve decent returns you need to invest regularly and assess the performance of your investments at least once a year to ascertain its progress towards your long-term financial goals. We suggest you invest in the Value Research Growth Portfolio which is made of five funds with a collective 70 per cent equity exposure. The debt fund will help you in rebalancing.

Value Research Growth Portfolio
Scheme   Category  Rating  Allocation (%)
BNP Paribas Bond Reg DT- Income **** 20
Fidelity Equity EQ-Larege & Mid ***** 20
HDFC Top 200 EQ-Larege & Mid ***** 20
ICICI Pru Dynamic EQ-Larege & Mid **** 20
Reliance Equity Opportunities EQ-Multicap ***** 20
Data as on September 30, 2011

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