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When investing in mutual funds, you cannot adopt the invest & forget approach. You need to keep track

I plan to start an SIP for Rs 10,000 in Reliance Regular Savings Equity for the next 15 years. This will be a satellite fund in my portfolio. Should I invest in this fund or go for some other fund instead?
-Mahesh Kumar Tennati

Reliance Regular Savings Equity is 4-star multi cap fund which earned an annualized 21.85 per cent in the past three years and 12.94 in the past five years which you can invest in as a satellite fund. However, 15-years is a long period and one cannot be certain on a fund performing consistently well for such tenures. When investing in mutual funds you cannot adopt invest and forget approach and will need to evaluate the progress made by your investment at least once a year to assess its performance to continue investing or stopping your investment in the fund.

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