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AIG Mutual Fund Becomes PineBridge Mutual Fund

AIG Mutual Fund will now be owned by PineBridge Investments Japan Co. Ltd. and AIG Capital Corporation, the current sponsor of AIG Mutual Fund will sell all its holdings to PineBridge. PineBridge is a corporation incorporated in Japan and has Rs. 46,906 crores (JPY 792 billion) of assets under management as on August 31, 2011.
The Mutual Fund will be renamed as PineBridge Mutual Fund, the AMC as PineBridge Investments Asset Management Company (India) Pvt Ltd and the trustee company as PineBridge Investments Trustee Company (India) Prvt Ltd.
The names of the schemes are proposed to be changed as follows:

Old Name of the Scheme  New Name of the Scheme
AIG India Equity Fund PineBridge India Equity Fund
AIG Infra & Eco Reform Fund PineBridge Infra & Eco Reform Fund
AIG India Treasury Fund PineBridge India Treasury Fund
AIG Short Term Fund PineBridge Short Term Fund
AIG India Liquid Fund PineBridge India Liquid Fund
AIG Qtrly Interval Fund Sr I PineBridge Qtrly Interval Fund Sr I
AIG Qtrly Interval Fund Sr II PineBridge Qtrly Interval Fund Sr II
AIG World Gold Fund PineBridge World Gold Fund
Investors who want to exit may redeem their units between October 10,2011 & November 15, 2011. No exit load will be charged during this period.