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HDFC MF Declares Dividend in Debt Schemes

HDFC Mutual Fund has approved the declaration of dividend in the following schemes:

Scheme   Dividend (Rs per unit)
HDFC Income-DQ 0.15
HDFC High Interest-DQ 0.15
HDFC High Interest-DH 0.25
HDFC Gilt Short-term-DQ 0.1
HDFC Gilt Long-term-DQ 0.15
HDFC MIP Long-term-DQ 0.18
HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale-DQ Entire Distributable Surplus
HDFC Arbitrage Retail-DQ Entire Distributable Surplus
HDFC Arbitrage Retail-DM Entire Distributable Surplus
HDFC Medium Term Opportunities-D 0.1917
HDFC Debt Fund for Cancer Cure-DH Entire Distributable Surplus

* 50% Dividend Donation and 100% Dividend donation option.
Entire distributable surplus as on the record date. The record date for the above mentioned schemes is September 26, 2011.