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You can invest in any well-performing fund for the long run as long as you regularly track its performance

Which is the best fund in the mid and small cap space? I am unable to decide between IDFC Premier Equity, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities and IDFC Small & Midcap Equity.

All the three funds that you have short-listed are highly rated and have a proven track record and performance history. However, compared to the other two IDFC Premier Equity has a longer history and track record. You can invest in any of these funds for the long run as long as you track the performance of the fund’s performance regularly and asses its progress towards your financial goal.

Scheme  Category  Rating  3-Yr Ret (%)
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Mid & Small Cap ***** 21.37
IDFC Premier Equity Mid & Small Cap ***** 22.2
IDFC Small & Midcap Equity Mid & Small Cap ***** 28.58
Rating as on 31st Aug 2011
Returns as on 20th Sep 2011

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