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Aggressive Portfolio

For a of 10 years, we suggest an aggressive portfolio comprising equity, bond & gold funds

I am 31 and want to invest `25,000 every month in mutual funds. I have an investment horizon of at least 10 years. Please suggest a portfolio of growth oriented funds with good track record and diversification.
— Sumeet Mahajan

We suggest an aggressive portfolio of six funds. The bond fund is to help you rebalance your portfolio. The gold fund is to give you an international exposure to gold mining stocks.

Assess their performance over time vis-à-vis their benchmark and category average. As you near your goal, shift the investments towards debt and lower equity.

Suggested portfolio
Scheme  Category  Rating  SIP (Rs)
AIG World Gold International Not Rated 2,500
BSL Dynamic Bond Retail Debt: Income «««« 2,500
DSPBR Micro Cap Regular Eq: Mid & Small Cap «««« 4,000
Fidelity Equity Eq: Large & Mid Cap «««« 6,000
HDFC Equity Eq: Multi Cap ««««« 6,000
IDFC Premier Equity Eq: Mid & Small Cap ««««« 4,000
Rating as on 31st July 2011

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