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I am 28 years old and married. Our combined monthly income is Rs 70,000 and our current expenses are Rs 30,000 every month. Our income will go up from January 2012 to Rs 90,000 a month. We are currently investing in PPF, EPF and NPS. How should we go about investing in the mutual funds and what can be the better options?- Vikash Sharma

You have started investing with tax savings as the objective and barring the NPS, the other two investments are guaranteed return products. You have age on your side and should look at investing in mutual funds for the long term to gain from the power of equity and long term investments. We suggest Value Research Growth Portfolio which targets 70 percent equity and 30 per cent in fixed income. An equal allocation in the five fund will ensure the target allocation and diversity through managed funds. Collectively, these funds have a 70 per cent equity exposure and all the selected funds have performance history and proven track record.
Make sure you have equal allocation to all the funds, invest regularly in them and make it a point to assess the performance of these funds at least once a year to track its progress.

Value Research Growth Portfolio

Fund Scheme  Category  Rating  3-yrs ret (%)  5- yrs ret (%)
Reliance Equity Opportunities Multi Cap **** 23.67 18.57
ICICI Prudential Dynamic Large & Mid Cap **** 16.33 18.03
HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap ***** 19.24 19.25
Fidelity Equity Large & Mid Cap ***** 17.36 18.18
BNP Paribas Bond Regular Debt: Income **** NA NA
Return as on May 30, 2011, Ranking as on June, 2011

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