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Change in Fundamental Attributes of ICICI Prudential Annual Interval Plan I

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has announced change in the fundamental attributes of ICICI Prudential Annual Interval Plan I, with effect from August 23, 2011.
Investment Objective
The investment objective of the scheme is to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of risk and liquidity by investing in debt securities and money market securities maturing on or before the opening of the immediately following specified transaction period.
Proposed asset allocation
The scheme will invest up to 70% in money market instruments and between 30 to 100 % in government securities issued by central, state government and other fixed income securities including but not limited to corporate debt and securitized debt.
Exit Load
Since the scheme will be listed on the stock exchange, load will not be applicable. Specified Transaction Period
The Specified Transaction Period shall be for 2 working days – August 23, 2011 and August 24, 2011 .The intervening period between two STP shall be 367 days.
The next STP dates for the aforesaid Annual Interval Plan – I shall be after 367 days from previous STP date, i.e. 368th and 369th day shall be STP.