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Avoid investing in NFOs, look for funds that have a proven track record & performance history

I am holding units in Birla Long Term Advantage, IDFC Equity, Templeton India Equity Income, Sundaram Global Advantage, Sundaram Equity Multiplier, Sundaram Energy Opportunities and JM Multi Strategy fund. Which funds should I hold on to and which should I exit?-Anjan Bor

Scheme Name  Category  Rating  3-yr ret (%)  5-yr ret (%)
Birla Sun Life Long Term Advantage Multi Cap Not Rated 14.81 -
IDFC Equity Large Cap ** 9.73 9.35
JM Multi Strategy Multi Cap Not Rated - -
Sundaram Energy Opportunities Equity: Others Not Rated 5.06 -
Sundaram Equity Multiplier Multi Cap ** 13.06 -
Sundaram Global Advantage International Not Rated 4.18 -
Templeton India Equity Income Multi Cap *** 13.86 16.57
Rating as on 30th Jun 2011
Returns as on 13th Jul 2011

In your hurry to invest, you have invested in seven funds, majority of them invested in the NFO. Moreover having four multi-cap funds, a large-cap fund, an international fund and a thematic fund does not amount to diversification. The impact of such haste in investment is reflected in the performance of the funds. You can learn a lesson from this investment, fund selection is important at the time of investing and you should look for funds that have a performance history and track record.

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